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Tim Hore

Tim Hore, PMP

President of Capital Park

Tim Hore is the President of Capital Park Consulting. Over the last 20 years he has managed more than 100 consulting assignments on behalf of post-secondary institutions, ministries of education, government departments, private sector firms and NGOs. His Education sector work has been focused on helping post-secondary institutions and government ministries to conceptualize and build high quality programs that produce graduates who have the skills and attitudes they need to innovate and succeed in the world of work. He founded Tim Hore Consulting in 2000 and rebranded the firm as Capital Park Consulting in 2013 to better reflect its expanding scope. Tim is accredited as a Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute.

Tim's international consulting work has included managing education sector projects in Swaziland, Oman, Zimbabwe, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Qatar and Egypt. He has also completed human resources consulting projects in Lesotho, Zambia, Thailand and Indonesia. His domestic project work has included numerous projects for the federal government, work for 10 of Ontario’s colleges of applied arts and technology, and for 4 different universities. Tim's wide-ranging body of experience includes managing the following projects:

  • Numerous projects for Algonquin College including writing submission materials for two international RFP competitions that resulted in Algonquin being awarded contracts to establish three new college campuses in Saudi Arabia. Tim also led Algonquin's risk analysis and development of risk mitigation strategies for the new Saudi campuses, prepared a series of regulatory submissions for the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, developed institutional policies for the new campuses and conducted a training needs analysis for oil industry post-secondary programs through local employers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Two consultation and strategic planning projects for the Government of Canada's Science and Technology Integration Board, an ADM-level committee that brings together the Government 13 science-performing Departments and Agencies. The first consultation explored how the Integration Board could serve its membership more effectively. The second was carried out under the Science Policy Integration (SPI) initiative, which developed a federal action plan for nanotechnology. The consultation involved working group members who had been involved in process used to develop a federal nanotechnology framework including its strengths, weaknesses, lessons learned, and suitability to be used as a model for future multi-departmental S&T initiatives.
  • Several regulatory projects on behalf of the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada. These included developing and implementing a methodology to validate the impact of the ecoENERGY Retrofit for Homes program through a national telephone survey that was completed by over 2,000 program participants. Other regulatory projects for this client included two national surveys of labelling compliance for appliances and lighting products to assess the extent to which manufacturers were meeting the required labelling standards outlined in the NRCan regulations. Tim also managed a series of 5 market studies for NRCan to analyze the impact of minimum energy efficiency standards on Canadian manufacturers of appliances.
  • A training needs analysis for emergency preparedness at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games This project was carried out for the Public Health Agency of Canada and involved assessing training needs to ensure emergency preparedness among five public health groups: mini-clinic staff, chemical/biological/radiological/ nuclear local and provincial first responders, quarantine officers, mobile clinic laboratory workers, and emergency response assistance teams.
  • A business process review for Environment Canada that examined the environmental assessment (EA) process to find ways to improve efficiency and reduce EA timelines while minimizing environmental impacts. The project included facilitating a 3-day national workshop for EA practitioners, identifying key issues, and recommending strategies to optimize processes and clarify roles and responsibilities among the various Government of Canada groups involved in environmental assessments.
Martin Doyle

Martin Doyle, CPA, CMA

Business Planning Expert

Martin Doyle is a senior executive with extensive experience in all aspects of financial management and significant budgeting expertise developed working with a variety of complex organizations. He has worked with clients in the private sector, government and also the not-for-profit sector, both in Canada and internationally. He is a strong team leader who has led multiple teams in a variety of different projects and operational contexts. He has extensive experience developing business plans, conducting feasibility studies, and developing business case assumptions and parameters.

Marty also has considerable experience in developing accounting / data tracking systems for organizations and projects, procurement management, business unit compliance. He has also developed and implemented numerous effective financial management systems including accounting, budgeting and control, and cash flow management.

Mary Elizabeth Wilson

Mary Elizabeth Wilson, EdD

Education Sector Expert

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Wilson is a teacher and teacher educator with more than 20 years of experience in public and private education across Pre K-20 learning environments. She is a former assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, director of curriculum and instruction, director of research in education, consultant, supervisor of secondary science, science department chairperson and science teacher (elementary, middle and high school). She has also served as faculty at Barnard College, Bank Street College of Education (adjunct), and Manhattan College.

Dr. Wilson completed her doctoral degree from Columbia University with a key focus on using data to inform curriculum, instruction and professional learning in science education. Her academic work includes the role of evaluation in teaching and learning; the interface between school and non-school science learning environments and partnerships; effective professional learning for teacher and school leaders; and research and documentation of teaching and learning in diverse learning contexts. She has authored position papers and presentations on these topics and others. Her recent project experience includes the following:

  • Conducting research in several key areas of school reform (assessment and accountability, curriculum and instruction, teacher learning, equity and access, and state and local policy) for the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching (NCREST);
  • Examining Urban Advantage, a consortium of science rich informal and cultural institutions formed in partnership with the New York City Department of Education, for the purposes of deepening science inquiry in middle school classrooms;
  • Serving as the team leader on a study of the teaching and learning of science in Singaporean schools during a month long visit to Singapore that was sponsored by Columbia University;
  • Assessing and interpreting the impact and efficacy of the education programs and activities of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). This assessment was linked to K-12 science teaching on student learning in partnership with the New York City Department of Education;
  • Assisting New York districts to launch STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiatives, documenting and benchmarking critical and creative thinking, educating for sustainability, and using collaborative inquiry as an approach to data analysis, interpretation and application;
  • Working with schools in the Greater New York area to understand the use of aviation and aeronautics, specifically the roles of flight simulation and 20th Century aircraft restoration, as curricular “hooks” to integrate STEM and provide a new lens for the examination of World War I;
  • Acting as lead consultant to the Southern Westchester Board of Cooperative Educational Services (SWBOCES) on a project funded by a 1.8 million dollar award from the New York State Education Department for the purposes of identifying and strengthening excellent teachers and school leaders and expanding their sphere of influence on teaching and learning.
Frank Welsh

Frank Welsh, PhD

Health Sector Expert

Frank Welsh has over 30 years of experience as a senior manager in Canadian public health. He is currently Director of Policy at the Canadian Public Health Alliance (CPHA), and previously he served for 30 years in a variety of health-related portfolios for the Government of Canada. The most recent of these was the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Zoonoses Division, Centre for Food-borne, Environmental and Zoonoses Infectious Diseases. Prior to that he Directed the Federal Science and Technology Functional Community Secretariat, a coalition of 13 science-based departmentsand agencies that collaborate on issues of common interest, such as science–policy integration and financial barriers to collaboration. Preceding those postings, he served in a number of positions in the area of public health, including: senior advisor to the Chief Science Officer, PHAC; Director, Health Portfolio Operations Centre; and Director, Office of Emergency Preparedness. Frank began his career as a research scientist at the National Research Council of Canada. Dr. Welsh holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, master’s and doctoral degrees in food science, and a diploma in administration.

Steve Lichty

Steve Lichty, LLB, CHRP

Education and HR Expert

Steve Lichty is a consultant with extensive experience providing management consulting services to clients in the post-secondary education sector. He has a law degree and the Certified Human Resources Practitioner (CHRP) designation. Steve worked at Georgian College from 2002 until 2009, serving as their Director of Organizational Development from 2005 until 2009. In this capacity he drafted Georgian’s 2006-2010 Strategic Plan and developed the “Georgian Scorecard” to benchmark and measure the College’s progress against 18 key performance indicators for Student Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Organizational Growth and Financial Sustainability. He also designed and implemented a new performance management system for Georgian that aligned each manager’s performance objectives with the College’s strategic and operational priorities.

Steve’s experience in international post-secondary education is also extensive. He developed master plans for new polytechnic systems in the Palestinian Territories and in the Republic of Yemen including evaluating elementary and secondary educational systems and liaising with government, employers and community stakeholders to select programs and delivery models. Most recently, he has been working with Algonquin College to prepare its business plans and regulatory submissions for Wave 2 of the Colleges of Excellence initiative in Saudi Arabia.

Dave Hemphill

Dave Hemphill, M.A

Human Resources Expert

Dave Hemphill is a senior Human Resources professional with over 18 years of experience working in a variety of different industries including government (crown, federal, and municipal), not-for-profit and private sector. As a Consultant, Dave has had proven success in partnering with senior leaders to align human resources strategy with business objectives.

Dave’s specialties include: Change Management, Performance Management, Talent Management, HR Operations, Workforce Restructuring/Adjustment, Employee Learning, Compensation and Policy Development. Dave’s recent project work includes the following:

  • Working with the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) on a structural reorganization initiative that aligned organizational priorities with operational practices, and resources with project requirements. This included researching and developing a Responsibility Assignment Matrix, implementing a competency-based performance management system and generating relevant position descriptions.
  • Providing support to Natural Resources Canada related to their strategic staffing process. The work has included building Statement of Mertit Criteria, Screening and Interviewing, and Reference Checks.
  • Working with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, Dave was accountable for the full process of change management in the review of the organization’s Total Compensation program. Additional work at Canadian Air Transport Security Authority included a review of the Performance Management program.
  • Building a five-year strategic HR plan for a department within Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada. Dave interviewed key team members to gain their perspective on current challenges. He examined staffing levels and provided forecasts of headcount for the coming years.
Gerry Dobra

Gerry Dobra

Human Resources Expert

Gerry Dobra is an HR generalist with over 20 years’ experience as a manager in the federal public sector as well as more than 10 years as an independent HR consultant. Relevant dossiers in these work settings cover a variety of assignments in corporate pay, benefits and pensions including policy work (development, implementation and communication), functional group leadership and administration. In addition, he has experience in corporate employee relations and staffing and creating documents for HR and other administrative initiatives (analytical papers, Requests for Proposals, briefing and meeting notes). Gerry has a strong commitment to innovation and creativity, practices sound work planning and time management habits, is attentive to project and deliverable deadlines, and builds productive work relationships with clients at all levels. He is particularly skilled in doing job analyses and preparing job descriptions.

Gerry recently completed a project for Algonquin College to adapt their existing college policies and directives to meet the needs of the new Algonquin campuses in Saudi Arabia.

Annie Désilets

Annie Désilets

International Development & HR Expert

Annie Désilets has extensive experience designing, running and monitoring primary healthcare and HIV/AIDS programs in developing countries for Médecins Sans Frontières. She has worked in Burundi, Chad, and the Democratic Republic of Congo and has more than 10 years experience managing large, diverse, cross-cultural teams in complex environments. As a consultant, she has completed a number of evaluations in Burundi, Lesotho, Niger and Kenya where she evaluated the methodologies used in project handovers in planned withdrawal of support. Annie is exceptionally well-versed in international development issues related to sustainability, program impacts, and the efficacy and relevance of health sector programs in that context. She has designed and set up monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for a variety of different international medical projects and is trained in the use of participatory methodologies for qualitative research. Annie is very comfortable working with the senior management of international development organizations to analyze organizational structures, jobs and work profiles to ensure sound governance.

Siri Chunduri

Siri Chunduri, MPA

Researcher & Project Manager

Siri is a Master’s of Public Health graduate with demonstrated success collaborating with diverse teams to synthesize data and identify solutions. She has over 3 years of experience in managing projects, conducting research, and creating reports for a variety of clients. She has also accumulated diverse experience facilitating the implementation of large-scale knowledge transfer and exchange projects, synthesizing critical information to support internal decision makers, and conducting holistic environmental scans for various organizations.

Her project experience while working at Capital Park has included the following projects:

  • Worked on a project that helped the Transportation Association of Canada in developing its first strategic plan. Siri assisted in developing and interpreting the results of a national online survey of TAC members, conducted follow-up interviews with stakeholders and helped facilitate a “town hall” meeting with partner organizations. She also conducted research into strategic planning best practices for similar organizations, prepared written materials for project reports, and assisted in developing materials and plans for workshops with the Board of Directors of this membership-driven organization.
  • Siri did research and conducted stakeholder interviews to help the college develop an International Strategic Plan. Her work has included researching international best practices in strategic planning and interviewing internal stakeholders about current practices related to international students and projects.
  • Conducted research into cardiovascular rehabilitation plans and practices in Ontario and other jurisdictions on behalf of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). Siri’s work on this project included conducting consultations with hospital administrators in the Ottawa area to determine the extent to which these practices are aligned with the standards of the Cardiac Care Network (CCN).
  • Siri assisted Invest Ottawa by researching, identifying, and setting up pre-qualified meetings with a list of potential companies in the Cleantech industry. The recommendations will enable Invest Ottawa to offer investment opportunities to interested companies and expand the clean energy sector in Ottawa.
  • Siri used her public health expertise to develop training materials to support advisory group activity. She created comprehensive training and presentation documents to educate two Public Health Agency advisory groups on the policy and government-related particulars that directly impacted their activities and supported the groups’ future decision-making processes.